If You're Not Tracking Your Ads
You Could Be Wasting Valuable Time
And Losing Money!

Why not let "TRAX", our Purebred Bloodhound track your ads, and he will report back to you with exactly how many hits your ads are generating and list them in your Members Center.

It takes time to advertise a website on the net, and some times it even costs money. If you don't know if the ads you have out there in Safe Lists and Ezines are pulling, you could be wasting very valuable time and losing your money!

With "TRAX" on the job you will know exactly what ads are working, and more importantly, what ones aren't! When you see that an ad is not working, all you have to do it make some changes to your Subject Line or your Ad, reset your hit counter, and you on your way again!

It only takes a few minutes to set up an "Ad Tracker", and you will be assigned a special Portal URL to place in your ad. Every time someone clicks on the Portal URL, "TRAX" will register that click in your Members Center.

With TRAXad.com you can create up to 50 Ad Tracking Portals. If you add more than one URL to your tracker it becomes a "URL Rotator"! This allows you to promote one URL, and distribute your traffic to several websites!

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